Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of a technical device not to interfere, or to be interfered, by other devices from unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects. In order to ensure the desired function, a properly constructed and designed electrical equipment, especially in an electromagnetically compatible manner, is essential.

EMC optimisation of plastic enclosures:

Depending on your requirements, we offer three EMC-coating processes:

  • Coating with copper conductive lacquer
  • Copper-Chromium-Nickel vaporisation
  • Aluminium vaporisation

In all three processes, an electrically conductive coating is applied to the inside of the enclosure. In addition, we use a metal-coated HF sealing to create a circumferential contact and thus a seamless shielding between the enclosure cover and base. The mechanical properties of the plastic are not changed by the coating.

EMC optimisation of aluminium enclosures:

Due to the electrically conductive base material, aluminium enclosures offer a significantly better basic shielding than plastic enclosures without additional adjustments. For further optimisation, we keep the seal contour (tongue and groove) completely free of paint. In addition, we install a conductive HF sealing to create a circumferential contact and thus a seamless shielding between the enclosure cover and base part.

To complete the EMC measures, we offer appropriate EMC cable glands in various materials for cable entry. These have a connection possibility of the cable shield to the enclosure ground connection.

The possibilities of EMC optimisation are not limited to the enclosure itself. A significant increase in shielding performance can be achieved by using components or assemblies that are insensitive to interference radiation.

Please note: The confirmation of insensitivity to interference and sufficiently low interference emission are regulated by EMC guidelines. In any case, a separate proof must be provided by an independent laboratory.


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